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Deanna Jewel

 Author of Romance Fiction

Author of romance fiction genres in time travel, paranormal, contemporary, and motivational books.

~ Jamie's Gift ~


 Jenna works at her book store/gift shop in Jackson Hole, Wyoming to keep her mind off her divorce, when one day, her past walks through her door during a snow storm before Christmas. He was her high school crush, but not the part of her past she wanted to forget. When Rod asks her out for dinner and a beer, she accepts, more to find out why he might be interested in her after all these years.

Rods returns home for Christmas each year, with his eight year old son, to help his mom through the holidays since his father died two years ago. He's a single father working as a fire fighter at the NYFD. While searching for a special gift for his son, Jamie, he runs into a woman he didn't bother to get to know in high school even though his high school crush on her never faded. He wonders if it's possible to love a second time because he's not dated since his wife passed away about the same time his father did.

Can these two help each other heal broken hearts? High school crushes don't last for years after graduation, do they? Get lost within the short story that reignites love during a Christmas holiday and beyond.

Story Bits:

His mom sat reading and put her book down to lift her wine glass for a drink. “It’s really nice to have you home for a few days. Jenna seems like a nice woman. How are you doing, hon?”

Rod grabbed a beer from the fridge and sat on the sofa near his mom’s recliner. She appeared to be happier than he’d seen her in a long time. “I’m doing better now that I’ve met Brad and watched the two of you interact. He seems like a nice guy, mom.”

She couldn’t smile any bigger and it touched Rod’s heart to see. “I’m glad you like him. We get along well and have more in common than we thought. We understand what losing a loved one is all about and that grieving takes time. He’s happy that you had fun tonight. He enjoyed Jamie. Both of us are worried about you, dear.”

He relaxed into the leather cushions, drank his beer and looked back at his mother’s blue eyes. “I’m not sure what it is about Jenna, mom, but seeing her again, and remembering how I felt about her in high school just opened something new inside of me. I can’t explain it. She ended up marrying the asshole from high school and divorced him two years ago.”

“So both of you are free to pursue a better friendship now?” She raised a brow at him.

“We are. I’m worried about losing touch when I go back to New York.”

“If your relationship with her is meant to be, both of you will make it work. Let time be on your side and go with what happens. Technology today makes long distance seem like they’re right there with you.”

* * * * *

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