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Deanna Jewel

 Author of Romance Fiction

Author of romance fiction genres in time travel, paranormal, contemporary, and motivational books.

Mystical Pebble Cove Series

     ...Located on the coast of southern Oregon where the temps stay at a sultry 70 degrees most of the summer and 45 most of the winter. What happens when the sun goes down is anyone's guess!

     Thank you for stopping in to peek at what's coming. I'm getting excited to begin this series and as I'm working on the sequel to Never Surrender, these characters keep making me take notes on what they want in their book! LOL Oy! I don't usually work on two books at a time but who knows. When characters are willing to show me their filmstrips, I don't argue with them, I just write what they show me.

    They said there's a killer among them harvesting body organs but who would do such a gruesome things to their fellow neighbors? It's a quiet little community on the Oregon coast where visitors often stay to get away from the big cities. What they read in the paper will have them second-guessing their choice of vacation spots.

   I plan to do a small map so you can click on it to view places in the city or visit the main attractions in each book. Romantic suspense will be a fun genre to step into and something I look forward to doing. These books will be shorter than any of my other books...I'm guessing about 60,000 words. There are so many places one can write about within a small town, yet let you meet all of the main residents who make the city a welcoming place for tourists. A few of them are owners of a book store, a cafe, a snack shack, a boating store, a marina, the fire and police departments, just to name a few.

    I hope you enjoy the series. Since I'm only in the ground-breaking stage, I don't even have a tentative release date for you but stop back often to keep updated. If you're a site member, visit the Forum and start a post so we can chat. Maybe I'll get one started for us.

The Book Store

~ Book One in the Pebble Cove series ~

Makenzie just wanted to be left alone. When she finds a small book store in a quiet community, she moves with her young daughter to get away from unwanted attention after she comes into just enough money for a wonderful future. Being a single mom hasn't been easy but she's proud of what's she accomplished and now she can be her own boss...unlike the past she's running from. Her ex-husband had too many rules and they had no friends. A new start would be good for her and her teenaged daughter.

Take a peek through

the book shelf and tell me what you see.

As I searched for a beautiful coastal city to form my story around, I fell in love with the location of Brookings, Oregon! The year-round temperatures are great, too. Take a peek HERE - I hope you can envision the stories like I can!